WeCare International Ministries Inc. Charitable Organization

There Are About 1.4 Million Aids Orphans in Zimbabwe And a Greater number of these Orphans are without Support No Shelter or Home  Being an Orphan is Not a Choice. Let Us Support  Orphans. To Provide, Food, Shelter Clothes And Education, Hope and Future. Thank You For Your Support Through Your Donation. WeCare Ministries is Advocating to Establish a Robust Fundraising of $5 Million Dollars To Purchase Property for Orphans...See Our Projects Videos.

Poverty is all around us together we can win this battle. Children are hungry. Orphans are desperate Families are struggling and dying of hunger and they need shelter to keep a roof over their heads. Hope is running thin everyday unless you open your heart and give. Your generous donation today will  change lives and go a long way to provide nourishing food, clothing, shelter, education and other vital care to help vulnerable souls to  get back on their feet. Please give from your heart. And do your part to end poverty in our Communities. WeCare Thank you in advance for your generous donation.

WeCare International Ministries is Advocating for Children, All Children are Vulnerable, Starvation is a reality it kills. WeCare Ministries is Campaigning to Save Lives.

WeCare International Ministries Inc. Envision To Become a Reality To Provide Shelter For More Than 150 Orphans Living in Abject Poverty, With No Food and Education, Health Care. If You Do Not Give This Suffering Can Not Be Stopped. The Work Has Started It is Now Time  To Give For A Justified Reason of Providing Care To The Vulnerable Children. Thank You For Your Open Heart of Charity.

Disaster Assistance is a Program in Action And The Support they give to Communities is of Paramount Importance.  WeCare Ministries is Ready To Give To Help And Rescue In Times Of Crisis. To Make This Easy And Effective In Your Donations State Disaster Relief.

Donate Before Disaster Strikes.  Be Ready To Save Tomorrow It Will Be You In The Same Situation.

We Are in a Dangerous World That Would Rather Spend Billions of Dollars Buying and Creating Military Mighty Weapons to Destroy Human Lives and Gives Very Little to Save Lives, However, If You Truly Care then Lets Start Giving to Save lives. Donate to Make a Difference, Give Love, Hope and Future.