WeCare International Ministries Inc. Charitable Organization

       How  We Work

Our work in Canada comprises of raising funds to to help developing nations as well as educating children, providing Orphans with care and shelter, educating people about global poverty, hunger, disaster relief funding. Engaging the public in advocating for change. Our three projects  at the moment are outlined as follows:-

1. Project for a Refugee Shelter in Toronto Ontario Canada our funding focus for this project is Three Million dollars consists of running the program Administrative cost and a lot more.

Our crucial and very important program, in order for you to understand you can visit our videos for inspiration on this website, You will understand why it is very important to purchase a property for our Orphans.

 2.. Project to purchase property worthy five million dollars and convert it to an Orphanage and a Disaster Relief Center for WeCare International Ministries Inc. is imperative to bring change in the lives of the children without parents.

3. Two Projects in Canada,  a Family Shelter in the City of Barrie Ontario our focus is to provide between 150 beds and 200 beds,  our focus is to  campaign in order to impact our communities to provide awareness empower and provide assistance to struggling families WeCare is forging to run a parallel program like United Way Organization providing leap program in Barrie WeCare is passionate about community creating a meaningful change in the lives of individuals dedicated to building better communities.