WeCare International Ministries Inc. Charitable Organization

We acknowledge our duty to be effective and transparent providing accountability to our Stakeholders 

Conflict of Interests policy

Policy Procedures for acknowledging and resolving a conflict

Date of Board Approved June 20,2012

The measures are designed to provide equitable, time consciousness, objective to make a clear report, investigate any potential case of  conflict of interest if it is identified within our staff and board of directors, it will be dealt with according to the by-law No 1 dealing with conflicts of interests


WeCare International Ministries is dedicated to provide care for Humanitarian Compassionate Care, to provide Disaster Relief assistance, our focus is to improve the lives of children in developing nations while working to empower our communities, at the moment our project focus is to secure an Orphanage property a former modern Hotel being sold for $5 million our mission and goal is to use the property as an Orphanage Home, and Emergency Shelter, place Beitbridge Zimbabwe. Visit our project page to see more information and more photos of the potential prospective property we seek to establish as a place for our Orphans in order to achieve our objective to provide total care to children who desperately need support to live and have a future. WeCare International Ministries Inc seeks to provide Social Justice to children to equip communities with tools to fight poverty to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children in developing nations focus on Orphans projects that will benefit children create a sustainable environment for Orphans, at the same time provide Disaster Relief Improving access to clean water. Donations to be to be given to community development projects such as outlined in our donations quest. WeCare International Ministries Inc. strives to built a reputation trasparent  seeks to become an effective and responsible development agencies.